"Communitas international establishes churches that think, act and care
like Jesus in their world"


Communitas International has over 50 years of experience starting new communities of faith throughout the post-Christian world. Communitas spans several continents: Europe, Russia, Latin America and the US. Our over 100 projects range from a small group of people praying and serving orphans in Russia, to a 1500+ member church in Holland, to a community garden project in Costa Rica. Our churches and missional initiatives are characterized by three distinct elements: life-changing Communion with God, whole-life Community with each other, and life-giving Mission in the world. We believe that Jesus is the only true way to life in all its fullness (Ephesians 2). Therefore, our mission is to introduce people to Jesus, teach them to follow Him, and then form an expression of church that fits the culture and context of the people as they follow Jesus in their world.


Here's a brief intro to who we are and what we do: